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How businesses can help improve the health of our local community

When we founded DB4C we wanted to create something that, as a community, we could all benefit from.

We’re committed to raising awareness and much-needed funds for local charities and projects that dedicate themselves to improving the quality of life and well-being of everyone involved.

The initiative is quickly gaining momentum, with an expanding programme of events and a growing number of businesses helping to make a difference by taking part in various sporting activities. 

We all know the importance of exercise and how keeping fit and active has a direct impact on our physical and mental wellbeing. Currently, the overall health of people living in Doncaster is lower than the National average, with life expectancy also considerably lower than other areas of the UK.   And with 30% of adults classed as obese, we’re passionate about making positive changes that will help improve the health of Doncaster.

Our work has earned us the support of other like-minded organisations. We’re proud to have partnered with Westfield Health and Wellbeing Ltd. a local business and one of the UK’s leading health and wellbeing providers who’ve been dedicated to improving the health of the community for almost 100 years.

They too want to help people lead healthier, happy lives for longer.  Through education and early intervention, they support employers to help keep their staff at their healthy best and their business to thrive.

The latest NHS guidelines advise that adults should be active for at least 150 minutes each week and for children 5+ this increases to at least an hour every day.  Looking after a home, family and working life can make it seem like there’s little time left to fit in extra activity. So, who better to support people and their families to get active than their employers. By encouraging behavioural change that will elicit positive health outcomes for everyone. And investing in healthy, happy staff means improved productivity and motivation, fewer sick days and more engaged, loyal workers.

With considerable commercial development and investment, the addition of the iport, a well-connected rail network and international airport, the city has successfully attracted many major business brands such as Amazon and Ceva logistics.  So there’s a real opportunity for local companies, no matter how large or small, to get involved and contribute to a healthier future for the city that can also help make a positive difference to their bottom line.

The Doncaster government website has published ten top tips for moving more geared towards fitting round a busy schedule that are also cost effective. There are also lots of free activity apps and sites offering support and ideas, including the NHS change4life campaign:

Take a look at our >programme of events< and get involved today.

This article was written in partnership between DB4C and Westfield Health & Wellbeing Ltd.